By Siloam Levi

Gnostic Church of St. Mary

"I was sent forth from the power,
and I have come to those who reflect upon me,
and I have been found among those who seek after me.
Look upon me, you who reflect upon me,
and you hearers, hear me.
You who are waiting for me, take me to yourselves."

(Thunder, Perfect Mind)

Table of Contents


The Gnostic Church of St. Mary was founded on 21 December 2012.

This date coincides with the ancient Mayan prophecy of a new era, the beginning of a new age of psychological and spiritual advances; a collective phenomenon of augmented human consciousness and awareness. This church does not have a cathedral or a parish; it does not demand donations nor does it solicit followers. The church is in fact based entirely online, and the heart of the Gnostic Church of St. Mary is its doctrine. We do not bore you with long-winded sermons or ask you to repeat the same tired, lifeless phrases from some out-dated prayer book.

We teach chastity, that is all. The mainstream church does not.

Doctrine of Chastity is intended for a specific audience. Those who are big fans of trashy novels, films and television shows would be better off not reading this at all. To get the most out of reading this, you have to want chastity, chief among virtues. Let me repeat it again: this book is not for everyone. As Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in Thus Spake Zarathustra, "To whom chastity is difficult, it is to be dissuaded: lest it become the road to hell—to filth and lust of soul." If you feel a natural tendency towards purity and ethical conduct, then you will probably enjoy reading this.

Here, we do not exclude or deride any religion. Perhaps a better title than "Church (of St. Mary)" is ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ (ecclisia), Greek for "assembly." The word "church" often brings up feelings of hostility or revulsion in many, especially those of us who have experienced disappointment or abuse at the hands of the mainstream clergy. Welcome to the Gnostic Church of St. Mary—here you will be free to pursue your own personal self-development at your own pace and according to your degree of understanding, simply by reading, reflecting and coming up with your own ideas. Additionally, you are encouraged to seek out and utilise spiritual practices that work for you.

What is chastity? Let us start by saying—and it is not puritanical to say this—that the current system of sexual education taught in schools is entirely wrong. It states erroneously that a) it is healthy to masturbate, and b) that it is natural to reach the orgasm during sexual intercourse. Chastity does not mean to abstain from sex; that is celibacy. Chastity means to avoid impure thoughts and actions, and to have sexual intercourse without reaching the orgasm and subsequently wasting that precious creative energy that pervades our whole body. This kind of sexual contact is known variously as Sexual Magic, White Tantra, Karezza, Sex-Yoga, etc.

Dear reader, welcome to the doctrine of chastity. This website, online church, and short book are all dedicated to St. Mary, full of grace and perfect in chastity; may Her blessings be upon us all.


Too many unchaste and impious people see no value in religion. They make uninformed statements such as, "Religion is garbage," "It causes too many arguments," "I don't believe in God," etc. Their remarks demonstrate a total lack of understanding of the value of religion, and their ignorance is prevalent worldwide. Religion is valuable, helpful, useful, and indispensable to spiritual progress. It gives us rules to live by: not only chastity, but also sobriety and temperance.

However, all too many religiously-inclined persons ignore one of the fundamental Silas of Buddhism, i.e. not to take intoxicants; instead they abuse alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms, LSD, marijuana, cigarettes, etc.

Indeed, drugs, alcohol, overeating, gambling and other compulsive behaviours are detrimental to spiritual advancement, but what's even worse is a negative or indifferent attitude towards religion. The fools who love the world more than God have no hope of bettering themselves, either in this life or the next. Friedrich Nietzsche was mad to say that God is dead, for "in Him we live and move and have our being." One comes to believe in a Higher Power through reflection and contemplation, as well as in life experience.


From henceforth all generations shall call Me blessed. Mary

As usual, Samael Aun Weor is an authority on the subject: see The Virgin of Carmel in PDF format for a Gnostic disquisition on Mary. He writes, "By her example she taught the path of chastity." Therefore she is central to this online Ekklisia; we venerate Her as a Goddess, a manifestation of the Divine Mother. Even Heathens recognise Her divinity: one of them, who is an authority on the Germanic Edda, states that Mary is a "field goddess."

On the topic of prayer, Mary is quoted as saying, "Prayer possesses a potent force and starts a chain reaction for good that is far more powerful than any atomic reaction."

Mary in Catholicism

Although Gnosticism does not advocate celibacy for priests, we recognise the value of Catholic veneration of Mary. According to Catholic doctrine, as Eve sinned, Mary saves. She has appeared many times to Her devotees around the world, specifically (or most well-known) in Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje, and Guadalupe. Her apparitions are either approved or disapproved by the Catholic church according to certain verifying criteria.

Some Catholic titles of Mary are as follows:
(Source: marypages.com)

Mary in Islam

Mary (Maryam) is mentioned in the nineteenth Surah of the Qur'an, which is specifically named after Her, and which describes the Annunciation, Her virgin birth, and Jesus' ordination as a prophet of Allah. There is a mosque named Mary Mother of Jesus Mosque in Victoria, Australia.


A Prayer to Mary

Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven,
gentle and holy, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
that with the chosen we may see Thee.

Diet and Chastity

Diet plays an important part in maintaining chastity.

Opinions vary as to whether to be vegetarian: Hindu references on Brahmacharya (celibacy) advocate vegetarianism, whereas the five sacraments of Tantra include meat and fish. The Tantric precepts are the ones to follow; it is necessary to eat a certain quantity of meat for the nourishment of the body. The book of Leviticus (Chapter 11) makes a distinction between clean and unclean meats. In brief, one should not eat pork or shellfish, whereas fish, chicken, lamb and beef are acceptable.

Prophets of olden times followed specific diets in order to avoid ritual defilement: Daniel and the three Holy Children refused the royal meat and wine in favour of pulses and water, and the prophet Ezekiel ate and drank very small quantities of mixed-grain bread and water for over a year.

Stimulating, sedating and narcotic foodstuffs or substances should be avoided: tea, coffee, energy drinks, distilled alcohol, etc. are not beneficial. Also unbeneficial is "junk food" high in fat, salt and sugar, although in cold climates moderate quantities of fatty foods are desirable.

A chaste person's diet should consist of lamb, beef, poultry and fish; whole grains; dairy items; and fresh fruits and vegetables. Oats, spelt, barley, rye; honey, yoghurt, milk, cream; almonds, pistachio nuts, dates, sultanas; and tomatoes, spinach and fruits, particularly citrus fruits, are all very good.

Religious Observances

Obedience to the law of God bestows happiness and life.

Different religions contain various different forms of worship, but their emphasis on morality is common to all. The foundation of spiritual progress is morality, and the Christian commandments, the Buddhist Silas of ethical conduct, the Hindu Shastras, Islamic Sharia law, etc. outline the kind of morals with which we should rule our lives. If our lives are in line with both human law and divine law, then volunteer work and charity donations earn us good karma for future lives, and fasting, prayer, Mantras, sacraments and meditation help us increase our conscious contact with the Divinity of our own understanding. Sickness, disease and all kinds of misfortune are the results of a lawless and unspiritual life. Therefore we should develop and observe rules to live by, and not depart from the observance of divine law.

Wealth, victory over enemies and wisdom are the fruits of a life lived well and with chastity.

Brahmacharya and its Suitability for Modern Man

Brahmacharya is a Sanskrit word, literally meaning something like "conduct of the Absolute." It is generally used to denote celibacy.

In following the spiritual path, one should not get married too young, but one should desire to get married at some point rather than remaining celibate all through life. It is a human being's biological responsibility to engender children, and to forbid this and advocate a monastic, celibate life—such as we see in certain churches—is an obsolete spiritual path, the remnant of a bygone age. The practice of Brahmacharya as prescribed by Indian Yogis also includes two obsolete religious observances: a vegetarian diet, and the practice of Hatha Yoga. These things are not suitable for the married Western man on account of the composure of his body which requires meat in moderate quantities for nourishment and cannot contort itself into the various positions of Hatha Yoga without discomfort and pain.

Brahmacharya is advocated in order to destroy lust, but this is best done through chastity in marriage, not celibacy.

White Tantra and the Seven Churches

Esoteric science tells us that our body contains seven (normally invisible) energy centres corresponding to points on our trunk, neck and head. In Sanskrit these are known as Chakras: Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and Sahasrara. The Biblical book of Revelation refers to them as the Churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

The sexual act has two purposes: reproduction and spiritual regeneration. The process whereby an individual becomes spiritually regenerated and incarnates the Christ is known as White Tantra or Sexual Magic. White Tantra must be practised only by a married couple in the bedroom of their own home. It must not be practiced when the woman is menstruating or pregnant. To attempt to practise it outside marriage constitutes adultery. White Tantra is said to awaken the dormant power known as Kundalini from the coccyx and to make it ascend through the Chakras (Churches) until the human being becomes fully enlightened. The sexual or creative energy in each human being must be transmuted into Ojas Sakti, a special and most refined kind of energy. This is the secret at the heart of esoteric Christianity as well as Eastern mysticism.

The Arcane of Immortality

The benefits of chastity are as follows:


The consummation of chastity is the Arcanum A.Z.F., which is to make the sexual connection without reaching the orgasm (without discharging the semen). To thus dominate the animal Ego and restrain one's sexual desire takes a "will stronger than death." The real death is the orgasm, which is the death of our spiritual lives. The orgasm is a failure in chastity and to avoid the orgasm is success in chastity.

Practice of the Arcanum A.Z.F. (Sexual Magic) is said to confer immortality on its practitioners. Samael Aun Weor says in The Perfect Matrimony that "Sexual Magic and Christ are the synthesis of all esoteric study, whatever is its name, religious form, or educational system."


We can receive insight here and now by examining our own mind, and by analysing our dreams we can learn things about ourselves that may not have been obvious. Lust and Ego pervade the mind and it is necessary to take note of their workings by self-analysis and introspection. Ignorance of the nature of the mind and self leads to the wrong conception of the Ego-mind, i.e. "I am self-existent," or "I think, therefore I am." Whenever a desire, craving or negative emotion arises in the mind, overcoming it helps to develop that little bit more "emotional muscle" or strength of will.

For more information, refer to any book or article on Buddhist or Gnostic psychology, such as Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology by Samael Aun Weor. He says in this book: "To dissolve the psychological 'I,' to disintegrate its undesirable elements, is something unavoidable and non-excludable. This is the meaning of working upon oneself."

The Modern Church

The modern Protestant and Catholic churches are purveyors of darkness. They are corrupt to the core. Among the churchgoers, we see gluttons, gossips, bullies, sex addicts, drug addicts, and even the odd homosexual. The priests' sermons are puffed-up, hypocritical and devoid of substance. Sexual Magic is unheard of among the average churchgoer, and if the topic were to be brought up it would quickly be dismissed as pornographic or in poor taste. Sundry abominations exist in present-day churches, such as degenerated music, the perverse "speaking in tongues" practices of the Pentecostals, and insipid drama performances for the entertainment of the riff-raff and rabble.

Of what use is the transubstantiation of bread and wine to sinners who do not want to change their own lives?

Biblical Greek

It is good to study the Bible. The New Testament was written in Greek; the form of Greek in which it was written is known as Koine Greek, the common dialect of the Hellenistic period and the Roman empire. It is somewhere in between ancient and modern Greek. Many translations lose the true sense or preciseness of the original language.

If you wish to study Biblical Greek, consider acquiring a copy of J. Wenham's Elements of New Testament Greek. Like all language studies, it takes perseverance, dedication and intense interest. The Old Testament was also translated into Greek, as in this quote from Ecclesiastes:

τοῦ ποιῆσαι βιβλία πολλά· οὐκ ἔστι περασμός, καὶ μελέτη πολλὴ κόπωσις σαρκός.
[O]f making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh. (Ecclesiastes 12:12)


Joshua 1.1 Joshua 1.1

Psalm 119 is divided into twenty-two sections, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The Old Testament (Tanakh) was written in Hebrew and many ancient and modern texts on magic and Kabbalah refer to the esoteric properties of the Hebrew alphabet. The letters of the "aleph-bet" correspond to the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot deck and are as follows:
  1. The Magician | Aleph א
  2. The Priestess | Beth ב
  3. The Empress | Gimel ג
  4. The Emperor | Daleth ד
  5. The Hierarch | He ה
  6. The Lovers | Vav ו
  7. The Chariot of War | Zayin ז
  8. Justice | Cheth ח
  9. The Hermit | Teth ט
  10. The Wheel of Fortune | Yod י
  11. The Force of Persuasion | Kaph כ
  12. The Apostolate | Lamed ל
  13. Death | Mem מ
  14. Temperance | Nun נ
  15. Baphomet | Samech ס
  16. The Fulminated Tower | Ayin ע
  17. Hope | Pe פ
  18. Twilight | Tsaddi צ
  19. The Radiant Sun | Qoph ק
  20. Resurrection | Resh ר
  21. Transmutation | Shin ש
  22. The Return | Tav ת


The Latin version of the Bible and the Latin mass were used in Catholic churches for many years.

Latin is a highly inflected language, like ancient Greek. It was once taught in grammar schools, and is still worth studying for the aesthetic value of the language. See this page for some Latin prayers.

The Hail Mary in Latin is as follows:

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

The Lord's Prayer in Latin is as follows:

Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.


"The third Sila: Adultery is wrong. One who commits it does not command respect nor does one inspire confidence." (Gems of Buddhist Wisdom)

As well as being forbidden by the Buddhist Silas or principles of ethics, adultery is contraindicated by the Seventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

Adultery can mean either sexual intercourse with a person who is married to someone else, or it can mean sexual intercourse outside the context of marriage. Young men who are not married should beware of being seduced by older women, and young unmarried women should beware of being seduced by older men. Sex outside marriage demonstrates a complete lack of morals. Let those who disagree say as they please; the sexual act for mere pleasure is not justifiable. Unfortunately, in this present-day, degenerated Western culture of ours, adultery is commonplace. That does not make it right. Those who wish to adhere to religious principles should observe the strict rule not to have sex before marriage.

To fornicate with a married person can make one vulnerable to violence from various directions and brings ill-fortune. The book of Proverbs depicts the immoral woman as a gate to hell. The First Epistle to the Corinthians states that adulterers are among those who shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Buddhist and Christian monks are strictly forbidden to engage in any sexual intercourse, preferring instead chaste and holy lives. Marriage is a sacrament. Let those of us who have committed adultery be warned that it ruins families, strips us of worldly acclaim and honour, and displeases the Divine Mother immensely. Let us repent of our adulteries, if we have committed them.


"The original sin of our first parents was the crime of spilling the semen. That is fornication." (Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony)

Fornication, like adultery, is forbidden by one of the Lord's Commandments: "Thou shalt not fornicate." However, over time this has been misinterpreted and intentionally confused with the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery," meaning that fornication has come to be considered normal within the context of marriage. Actually, fornication even within marriage is dangerous. It causes the couple to fall out of love. It causes various diseases including prostate cancer. It is a spiritual death. Hindu scriptures state, "Preservation of semen gives life; falling of semen brings death." There are countless extremely negative consequences of spilling the semen and not one single benefit to doing so.

Whoever wants to practice Sexual Magic with his or her spouse is forbidden to fornicate. Lust must be overcome, not gratified.


Self-abuse, or masturbation, is a great sin. Whoever masturbates experiences a corresponding decline in physical, mental and spiritual health and suffers the degeneration of his or her morals. Modern psychology observes that masturbation is a sign of immaturity. Those who masturbate are often ashamed of the habit but do not consider it imperative to stop. This is a mistake—it is urgent to stop. Otherwise the habit will lead to various mental disorders and poor physical and intellectual health. Young people should not be deceived by peer pressure or the idea that "everyone does it" or the false advice of sexual education teachers who state that it is healthy to masturbate. Masturbation, depending as it does on an array of imaginary sexual partners, causes impotence and interferes with real-life relationships.

Self-abuse is a sin against the Holy Spirit, and a failure in chastity.


Pornography is highly damaging to humanity. It causes chemical changes in the brain similar to those seen in drug addiction. It ruins marriages and annuls a young person's prospect of finding a healthy relationship. Pornography creates the illusion of sexual gratification without consequences, romance or human connection. It creates the falsehood of a never-ending stream of sexual partners that can be selected or rejected at one's fancy. Mankind was not created to ogle naked bodies in magazines or on television or the computer screen. Pornography denies and profanes man's divinity and turns the human being into a hateful homunculus, an irritable, weak and shallow sub-man.

Modern science acknowledges that pornography is addictive. Porn addicts can take years to recover and most never regain their childhood innocence, forever living with defiled memories and consciences. All pornography addicts in active addiction are gravely deluded individuals who need help and the chance to recover.

Redemption for Sinners

"But if a wicked man turns from all his sins which he has committed, keeps all My statutes, and does what is lawful and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die." (Ezekiel 18:21)

Spiritual death is the penalty for sin. Only repentance and moral rectitude can redeem us from past transgressions.

Gossip, Television and Radio

The spiritually advanced person should react to gossip, television and radio with bewilderment and anxiety. Gossip about others only serves to lower the level of consciousness. A righteous man should be quiet; "every idle word spoken by man shall be held against him on the day of judgment." Words contain intrinsic power and gossip is an abuse of that power. Those people who constantly say, "He did this," "She said that," "I heard such-and-such," are shallow individuals—worthless company. The words of the righteous are worth repeating. The prattle of fools should be ignored. Foul language is also an abuse of the power of speech, and those who use filthy words and those who gossip are ignorant, foolish and sinful.

Television had the capacity to be a great medium for communication, but as it stands it is one of mankind's most worthless inventions. The problem is not so much the television set itself as the nature of the broadcasts. Any reasonable individual should find the commercial news intolerable. Advertising is a blight on humanity. Talk shows, game shows, sports, lifestyle programs, music television and even documentaries are all a waste of time. Television is nicknamed the "idiot box" for good reason. Radio programs, with the exception of classical music channels, are similarly an insult to the intelligence. The popular music of today is completely degenerated. The spiritual man finds no relief: cars, shopping centres and households blare with the same shallow garbage, and yet modern man has the hypocrisy to pride himself on the level of technological advancement in so-called first world countries.


The modern person is deeply ugly, though he or she is in possession of a pure and immortal Essence. This ugliness is the outcome of sin. Buddhism tells us that the karma of anger is to receive an ugly body in future lives. Therefore the religious person should be peaceful. The Arcanum A.Z.F. and the practice of chastity make us beautiful, internally as well as externally. When we are children, we have rosy cheeks and bright eyes, but as we grow up and become members of this materialistic and perverted modern culture, we lose our childhood beauty. Popular culture bombards us with images of superficial beauty; they should be ignored. The book of Proverbs likens a winsome woman who has no discretion to a gold ring in a pig's snout. The practitioner of chastity is truly the most beautiful person.

Popular Culture

"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him." (1 John 2:15)

Popular culture is intensely materialistic. People are unhappy because they are attached to objects and to other people. To worship the personalities of celebrities is a serious mistake, and to dedicate one's life to accumulating wealth and possessions is a grave error. Humanity ignores God and wastes its time on magazines, the cinema, cafes and restaurants, newspapers, alcohol and drugs. Mainstream advertising cheapens the sacred topic of sex and brainwashes us into thinking that a job and a household are the principal goals of life, while we continue to ignore the sacred precepts of the Bible and other holy scriptures and refuse to analyse and make virtuous our own lives. Our view of the world has been distorted by novels, television and movies. There seems to be no higher purpose.

"There is only one thing we pursue, one goal, one objective: Christification." (Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony)

Aun Weor explains in the book quoted above that Christ is not an individual, "but a universal, cosmic and impersonal principle, which must be assimilated by each person through Sexual Magic." Popular culture implies that we must fornicate to be satisfied, but Sexual Magic and fornication are mutually exclusive.

We have to work to earn a living and afford transport and accommodation, but we must not be slaves of popular culture and we should not love the world nor the things in the world. All this should be made obvious so that we understand correctly.

The Internet

The Internet is a medium whereby one can access information and communicate with others. The quality of the information available ranges from excellent to mediocre, and online, as in real life, we can meet with people who are good influences or bad influences. Most Internet users waste too much time online.

This short book (Doctrine of Chastity) is hosted at http://chastity.info.


Solitude gives us the opportunity to be alone with our thoughts. In withdrawing from the world, a person gains the chance for contemplation and reflection on his or her own life, existence and philosophy. We all have gifts and talents that may, when developed to their full potential, lead us to glory, honour and immortal fame. We learn our lessons in the school of life in interacting with others, but solitude is the matrix in which greatness is nurtured and born.


"Love never fails." (1 Corinthians 13:8)

Love transforms, divinises and inspires people. It holds families, communities, nations and empires together. It binds couples together in holy matrimony. Love between man and woman is a formidable force of great magnitude, which can create in us the poetry of a Shakespeare, the revelation of a Dante, the glory of a Christ.

Flowers, notes, beautiful letters, etc. generate intimacy between prospective lovers. A relationship is a very delicate matter that requires sympathy, compassion and hope. When the eyes of a young man and a young woman meet, there, there is the possibility that they will one day make each other's lives extraordinary. Happiness comes their way when they befriend each other... after this new beginning, if they are compatible and appreciate the other's finer qualities, their diligence, intelligence and physical beauty, then gradually the light of love becomes aflame in their hearts, and thus united, they become "one flesh."

"Lovers should analyse themselves before marrying to know whether they are really in love. Passion is easily confused with Love. Love and desire are absolute opposites." (Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony)

Lust is the opposite of love. Lust leads to fornication and its consequence of disillusionment and tears. Those who are in love must overcome desire.

Love is incomparable. There is really nothing quite like it. The Biblical book of Hosea and the Song of Solomon are ancient books of love that can still inspire us today.


Welcome to the genesis of a new church, one without walls, pews and altars, and one with no priests, synods or clergy. Doctrine of Chastity is eclectic but not haphazard and encourages freedom of thought rather than subscription to any creed. If this inspires anyone else to write his or her own short book on religion, philosophy or any topic of personal value, then I am glad to have set a good example by showing just how easy it was to put my thoughts down on paper and then publish them online.

This is just the beginning for the Gnostic Church of St. Mary. To be a writer, philosopher, or—God willing—a prophet, is a lifetime's work, or possibly the work of many successive lifetimes. To follow the publication of Doctrine of Chastity, which is that foundation in morality so essential to spiritual progress, I am conceiving of some further investigations into meditation and the occult, but that will of course require me to gain further experience and spiritual Sadhana (discipline) before anything else comes to fruition.

"Lord, my heart is not too haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me." (Psalm 131:1)

As much as I know, I have written, and as much as I want to learn, I have projected for the future. My heart is set on the Great Arcanum but as yet I am a novice and not qualified except to allude to such things. Out there, there are wise Gnostics who are experienced in meditation and White Tantra, and I salute them, wishing as I do to join their great fraternity and obtain the blessing of the Divine Mother, may She bless us all.

Following this conclusion are appendices which did not seem to have any place in the book itself. I shall expand on and revise Doctrine of Chastity as I see fit. Hope you enjoyed reading.

- Siloam Levi

Appendix 1: Links

  1. Prayers to Mary
  2. Gnostic Teachings
  3. Odsmal, Profound Edda, Science of Heathenry
  4. Greek Kabala
  5. Chakra Diagram

Appendix 2: Art Gallery


Bellerophon slays the mythical Chimaera


The Prophet Hosea, known as the Prophet of Love

Holy Children

Jesus Christ protects the three Holy Children

Delphic Sibyl

The Delphic Sibyl, an ancient Pagan prophetess

Appendix 3: Sacred Music

Cansos des Trobairitz - S'anc fui belha ni prezada - mp3
Josquin des Prez - Praeter rerum seriem - mp3
Josquin des Prez - Qui habitat - mp3
Johannes Ockeghem - Deo gratias - mp3
John Sheppard - Media vita - link

Appendix 4: Magical Signs and Symbols


Jerusalem Cross

The Jerusalem Cross

Gnostic Cross

The Gnostic Cross

Cross of the Gnostic Church of St. Mary

This is the logo of the Gnostic Church of St. Mary. It is a combination of the cross of Jerusalem, the Gnostic cross, and the Celtic "sun" or "wheel" cross, all superimposed upon one another.

Znaki i Symbole Magiczne

(From the Polish book Magia Ludowa)

The Black Cross possesses significant protective properties.


The image of the Six-Petalled Star is often engraved on the beams or doorways of a house to protect its inhabitants from evil.


The sign of Swarog's Wheel symbolises the cyclic rhythm of life and passage of time. This was the Slavs' medieval representation of the calendar (or days).

In addition to these symbols, the Slavs are reputed to know a great deal of magical characters, which can be peculiar to either one village or known in the entire region.

The Pentagram


The Pentagram is known to repel demons when it faces upwards; the inverse pentagram is considered to attract demons and is used in black magic. The White Pentagram is an ancient and very common magical symbol.

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