30 November 2017 - The Rebirth of Chastity.info

Welcome to the rebirth of Chastity.info as a heavy metal fan site. This has been long overdue, and I think my original efforts in making it as powerful and accurate as possible with regard to Paganism, witchcraft and white heterosexual pride were as spot on as I intended them to be. Let's kick this off first with some heavy metal: introducing Horna's Haudankylmyyden Mailla, and Satyricon's Nemesis Divina, in my opinion their best albums respectively.

It's midnight here, so I will wrap this up with a few words of wisdom: "tolerance" as the homosexual-loving left-wing forces it down our throats is totally unacceptable. Good old-fashioned Pagan intolerance for threats to white Europe and our descendants will keep us alive and healthy. I'll expand on this theme as I see fit.

Hail Paganism!
Hail White Europe and White Australia!

Strengthening ties between the north and the south,
White Heretic.

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