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Recently I was contacted by a fellow who found my Doctrine of Chastity useful, and had in fact bookmarked it in its previous iteration for his reference. Find it again here--Doctrine of Chastity--or below you as the "Doctrine of Chastity" button to the right, to the top of the frame.

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Rob "Darken" (Fudali) of the
Polish Pagan-metal band Graveland

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"The Prophetess' Curse"

Cassandra was her name, and she possessed the gift of prophecy. Yet, herein lay the cruel play of fate, you see: no one would believe her predictions. (See Euripides' play for the details...)

Yes, I once fancied myself to be a prophet. Indeed, it is evident that possessing any kind of spiritual gift is fraught with the danger of one's falling into misery, rejection or some kind of suffering, heartache or calamity. It is in the interest in warning neophytes to meditation that I am writing this short polemic: AGAINST psychic powers. Lest you try to hunt me down or seek me out on account of your burning and insatiable curiosity, I am removing my contact details from "Prawda" so that you know me now only as a nameless, faceless monk. I call myself... the White Heretic!

The venerable Swami Sivananda speaks of Siddhis (psychic powers) as not objectives to be sought out, but rather OBSTACLES to be surmounted in the spiritual path. Young, naive, reckless and immensely gifted, I ignored his advice, and look, some eight years of my life have gone down the drain chasing the visions, or as Samael Aun Weor perjoratively calls them, hallucinations, of my own mysticism misunderstood. If only someone could have told me that what I was seeing was normal. If only I had kept meditating. You know, there are so many "If onlys" that I am at a loss as to where to begin in warning the aspirants against falling in rapture with their own powers.

Well, let us start with clairvoyance, since that is the one Siddhi I can claim to be most familiar with. The rest are perhaps yet to come, like the tempting serpent of the garden of Eden, beckoning me to taste the forbidden fruit of their abuses. I therefore write this for the past self I wish I could have forewarned, the future self I must keep on the right path, and the others who are in the dark about what I could only describe as "seeing the light."

Clairvoyance is measured in degrees; its culmination is in vision of the Eternal, what we call "enlightenment," without knowing quite what it is or how to get there. We have all been clairvoyant to certain degrees... not in past lives, mind you, but when we were children! But we quickly grew to forget, ignore or scorn our second sight, like the unbelieving adults around us, always preoccupied with material affairs. We are told by two Masters (Sivananda and Aun Weor) that real clairvoyance is precipitated by the vision of small balls of red and white light.

Whether this is precisely what I saw or not, I forget. But the point is I saw something, which is best referred to as the Atman. I also saw what I can describe only as "omnivision" or multiple objects at once. "How silly," you must say. "We all do THAT." Yet, whereas you might observe one person in a crowd, I perceived all thirty; whereas you see one object on a supermarket shelf, I noticed each and every one; whereas you dreamt of (let us say) one luminous globe of Atmic bliss, I saw them all. If I had the choice between millions of dollars and this wondrous gift back, I'd choose the latter without hesitation.

"But what about REAL super-powers?" you may ask, "like Jesus had?" Alas, may this Jesus haunt me no longer; I never saw him save for the one vision I had during the depths of a debauched fling with a married woman. Perhaps he was warning me, who knows? Let him depart from me; I never knew him. I cannot raise the dead; nor am I able to walk on water or hot coals. I cannot fool the minds of spectators into believing I am able to raise a rope up in the air and have my servant lad climb it; and I most certainly cannot create and destroy planets at will. And if I could, I sure as hell wouldn't tell you!

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Information on "Prawda" Pagan Temple

"Prawda" is Polish for "truth," a fitting title for this website, which surmises to provide the truth of Paganism as is, without any adulteration or corruption. That is more than the Christians can say of their Bible, the Muslims of their Qur'an, or the Hindus of their Vedanta!

Previously (since 2013) this site contained information on Gnosis and Hinduism. Alas, these proved to be dead ends for a free-thinking young individual like myself, and hence I have taken up the banner of Paganism--one of whose sacraments is meditation--with a view to spreading and sharing knowledge of it far and wide, and thus strengthening the Pagan cause worldwide while at the same time weakening the "churchianity" which still prohibits Eastern mysticism and spiritual practices. This is not to say that Pagans should be falling over themselves to take up Eastern spirituality; far from it, they should research and gravitate towards their own heritage and the ancestral wisdom of white Europe. I say white Europe, because our fair skin tells the story of our Pagan forefathers.This update is long overdue. I am filled with the spirit of Paganism and I cannot help but keep typing, adding widgets, pictures, videos, text fields, horizontal lines, etc. etc. I am creating this website in Sitebuilder, a decent yet somewhat clunky and error-prone program. Hope you like it.

Now.There are some precepts which we must follow in order to be successful, well-adjusted Pagans:

Precepts for Pagans

We must meditate for some time every day, gradually increasing the period of time spent in meditation from minutes (~15 to begin with, morning and evening) to hours (ideally, six hours per day, three morning and three night). Meditation is the doorway to power: responsible, virtuous power! We should also practice exercises such as gazing into a candle for some time every evening; this awakens clairvoyance, a power which even millions of dollars cannot purchase. We need to be able to perceive the Spirit behind all things, and this is possible with the "second sight" that Shamans and Druids knew long ago.

Additionally, we must be model citizens, honest in business and dutiful at home, so that the Christians and Hindus may be ashamed, having no justification to speak ill of us. It is necessary to become either self-employed, running your own business; or, on very good terms with one's superiors at work, so that you may have a productive, successful and satisfying work life. Thus may you contribute to the community, society and the world the fruits of your highest virtue (in Greek, areté, meaning virtue, skillfulness, or excellence). Remember this injunction: "Let no one have grounds to despise you."

Finally, honour the gods and the God of gods, who is the masculine counterpart of Matka Ziemia, the World Goddess and our Divine Mother. Let us burn incense to them and submit our minds and spirits to their care, as the finest and choicest offerings we can give. (You, the reader, may hesitate at this, not liking the idea of lending your mind and spirit to anyone else... However! Be assured that the cosmic power of the gods will protect you and guarantee your abundance in physical, mental and spiritual health!)

Hail Paganism!

Hail Paganism! A new world order is approaching, whereby the old becomes new and the redundant becomes old. The deity of Abrahamic religion has died, leaving us, humankind, bewildered and anxious amid the fumes from its stinking carcass. Hedonism has failed us, and yet, like the magician Faust, we find that dry study leaves us feeling even less satisfied than before. No job can make us happy, even after all the years we spend preparing to enter the workforce. Technology and the mass media seem to be the forces controlling the earth, inequality is rife, and the level of mental and physical disorders is apparently on the rise due to modern man’s failure in chastity. (See my "Dogma and Ritual of Paganism" and Doctrine of Chastity for more information on the virtue of chastity.)

The church cannot cure our ills. "Faith healing" is a joke, and "speaking in tongues" is an abomination. "Churchianity" is based on a foundation of lies, the distorted text of the Bible which has been butchered, misinterpreted, misunderstood and used for base gain so much over the aeons... I, the White Heretic, was involved with the church for several years. It was a bad experience, to say the least. Traumatic and unpleasant. It's not so much the church building that's the problem as the gluttons and gossip-mongers who infest the pews and even dress in frocks to carry out the worship of a dying god. Christianity is good in theory, but when put into practice—as it is practised nowadays by the "blind leading the blind," it becomes sick, sad and pathetic.

Against "Churchianity"

I, the author, am against mainstream Christianity, as I sincerely believe that no young person can benefit from attending a church. On the contrary, it is highly detrimental for a witty and wise youth to mix with the riff-raff and the rabble of the church, since they will sap him or her of strength and intelligence, leaving only a lifeless husk behind (a husk, just like those grey-haired old sods are—a collection of husks). I speak from experience here… it has taken me a long time to recover from the trauma of church attendance. After attaining power from meditation in 2009, I found it utterly drained by 2010. The reason? The hogs and dogs of the church. Now, till the end of my life, they’ll be my sworn enemies.

Back to Paganism. It is a collection of beliefs of European origin; “Pagan” used to be used as a perjorative term but now it is one we can bear proudly. Ancient Greece and Rome had healthy, robust pantheons, symbolising universal forces. Folk magic has always had an honoured position in European culture, until the hodge-podge of priestly rubbish known as the Bible was disseminated to pacify and “civilise” the warlike tribes, forbidding the “witchcraft” (better put, astrology) that gave us our power, and stealing our holidays, erasing our Pantheon, and weakening us for the benefit of that absolutely-corrupt entity known as the Vatican.

Here's a thought for you: "Christianity is genocidal," in that it attempts to pacify and subdue the white European races for the benefit of the evil god Jahweh.

Down with the Vatican! Down with Christianity! Let Paganism live forever!

Pagan Regards,
- White Heretic.

Cradle of Filth - Desire in Violent Overture

Graveland - Thousand Swords

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